The International Photodynamic Association is calling for abstract submissions for the upcoming 18th World Congress in Tampere, Finland.

We are seeking abstracts for all research related to photodynamic action in diagnosis (PDD) and therapy (PDT) in all clinical and cosmetic applications. This includes but is not necessarily limited to 

  • Oncology, dermatology, antimicrobial, ophthalmology, immunology and other indications
  • Novel photosensitizer (organic, metal-based compounds and nanoparticles or nanoconstructs)
  • Photosensitizer targeting (new applications and indications)
  • New insights into the mechanisms, hypoxia and normoxia 
  • In silicon, in vitro, pre-clinical, translational and clinical studies can be submitted
  • PDT excitation mechanisms, by optical single photon and multi-photon excitation, ultrasound, x-ray are welcome
  • PDT dosimetry, light and photosensitizer, treatment monitoring and planning are also topics of the congress.
See full list of the congress topics here
  1. PDT in Neuro-oncology
  2. Nanotechnology for Cancer PDT
  3. Photosensitizer Systems: Organic
  4. PDT in Urology and Gynecological Oncology
  5. Intracellular Mechanism of PDT in Cancer
  6. Capabilities of 5-ALA
  7. PDT in Ophthalmology
  8. PDT for Thoracic Malignant Tumors
  9. Photo-immunotherapy
  10. PDT in Head and Neck Cancer
  11. Anti-microbial PDT: Applied & Mechanistic Insights
  12. PCI and photoactivation in drug delivery
  13. PDT in Global Health
  14. Dosimetry and Interstitial PDT
  15. Application of Novel PDT Light Sources
  16. PD & PDT for Gastrointestinal Neoplastic Lesions
  17. Photosensitizer Systems: Inorganic
  18. Nanotechnology for Cancer Photodiagnosis
  19. Modelling Mechanisms of PDT Effect on Tumors
  20. PDT’s Role in Vaccine
  21. Photodynamics and Ionizing Radiation
  22. Nanoscintillators
  23. New insight into mechanism for normoxic and hypoxic conditions.
  24. Targeted Photosensitizers
  25. Single and Multiphoton excitation of Photosensitizers
  26. Dermatology

An abstract should be 0.75—1.5 pages long, and must include an introduction, methods, results and discussion. Please include 3 keywords in your submission.

Inquiries pertaining to the abstract submissions can be sent to the following email [email protected]

Photodiagnostic and Photodynamic Therapy will have a special issue and the Submission deadline is August 25th.

Copyright Information

The IPA and the Elsevier Journal "Photodiagnostics and Photodynamic Therapy" plan to publish a special issue of all of the accepted presentations at the IPA-23 World Congress and hence transfer of the copyrights is requested upon submission of your abstracts and summaries. The copyright is returned to the submitting authors for submissions not accepted for presentation.  Ron Allison, the journal's Chief Editor welcomes all presenters of accepted presentations to submit also full papers pertaining the presented work. 

Instructions for Poster Authors

We highly recommend making your poster in A0 size for the optimal visual impact. A0 size equals 841 x 1189 mm or 33.1 x 46.8". Please see the pictures below to see how the A0 sized poster will look on the poster boards in Tampere Hall.

Please download the IPA 2023 Poster Template in MS Powerpoint file format by clicking the below button.

Bring your poster - or have it printed locally!

We have recognized the challenges and inconveniences associated with transporting large posters. While you're welcome to bring your poster with you, we also wanted to offer you options for having your poster printed at local Finnish printing companies, not to mention our DISCOUNTS for IPA 2023 participants!

If you choose to have your poster printed at Grano or Nekapaino, you need to purchase the printing job from either or these companies. We have agreed that all the posters printed using the code IPA2023 will be delivered at the show venue, so you don't need to worry about the delivery!

You need to give the following information with your order:

  • Your CONTRIBUTION ID from Conftool system select Your Submissions and note the contribution ID number
  • Your company/university/affiliation name
  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Email
  • Include the code → IPA2023
  • Billing information → account number, VAT number etc.
  • The poster size you have chosen → e.g., A0
  • Attach the finished poster material as PDF. (If the file is very big, consider using a file transfer system such as Dropbox, Box, Wetransfer etc.)

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If you have any further questions regarding your order, please contact the email [email protected] directly → IPA is simply providing you with this information about the available options for poster printing.

INFO → The abstract submission has been closed!

Send your abstract now

The scientific content and registrations of IPA-23 congress are handled through ConfTool Pro system in address First please create a user account, and then you will be able to make abstract submissions for oral or poster presentations. If you need any help, please refer to the user documentation of ConfTool. Also, please don't hesitate to ask for our help through messaging in the Social Media channels, or the contact form.